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  1. We do not send samples. Our minimum order is only one case and we do not open cases in the warehouse.

  2. We cannot provide a list of businesses that sell the products in your area. We are not given these lists by the manufacturers of these products.

  3. We do not split cases. The products are all sold as they are listed on the site.

  4. We do not accept returns on any that products that we sell. If the wrong product is sent, contact us and we will ship the correct product and send a call tag for the product shipped in error.

  5. Your credit card will be billed by YES Supply Company USA. Please keep this in mind when your credit card statement arrives in order to not create the paper work involved in a chargeback. Even when you realize that the charge is correct, we still have to send in a full file to merchant services to clear our company.

  6. For large orders you may request a shipping quote by email, before placing the order. We need the item #, the quantity in cases that you need, and the zip code of the destination of your order.

  7. If you are looking for kosher products, you can enter "Kosher" in the search box and the products will be found for you. The same is true for "Organic" and "Sugar Free". Dark chocolate is found by entering a percentage, such as "60%".